Reprogram and Free your Mind


Remove the hold that your past experiences and traumas have on you by reprogramming your mind to respond differently - giving you the ability to behave differently or feel differently.

"...BWRT helped me undo trained responses to trauma and abuse..."

Leverage the latest thinking in neuroscience and psychological health

 Solution-focused technique

You don't need to delve into and relive your past traumas, you only need to access them for a few moments in order to reprogram your mind

Use your own brain processes to create the responses you want instead

You are in control. You decide what you want to work with and the response you would like

Find, create and live your Ideal LIFE


Rediscover who you are under all the layers that you show others, get to know the 'real' you - your beliefs, your values, your strengths, your weaknesses. Fall in love with who you are and learn to love and accept all of you, giving you the confidence and strength and resilience to go after whatever it is that you want.

"...I realise what it is that I really want and need and what it is that I have to do to achieve that end. She has fuelled me with the courage and the conviction that I was lacking to propel me forwards in life, rather than hanging back in a permanent state of limbo. And moreover she has reignited a zest for life in me and the belief I can be that person that I have always dreamt of being...."

You respond to your PERCEPTION of reality which is influenced by your environment and experiences (as does everyone that you interact with)

 What you do worked for you at at the time in your life when you learnt it therefore,

You know how to create success for yourself

Even your perceived weaknesses can be your strength in some situations

Before the world and your experiences started to shape you, you never doubted yourself and your ability to satisfy your needs and get what you wanted. That person is still there underneath everything

Validation, belief and support.

As your coach I will validate you, believe in you, support you and motivate you until you develop or find those resources in yourself


about me

I help people decide what they truly want in life, I guide them in getting focussed and prioritising themselves and I help individuals find different ways of staying motivated.

I will listen to you. I will unconditionally accept you for who you are right now. I will get excited about who you want to be!


I love seeing individuals transform and move forward into a new, more fulfilling life achieving their dreams and desires.

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Coaching with

Do you have an idea of what you want but just need a little more clarity, insight or motivation.


Maybe you need help finding your path and putting together a plan.

Move forward by getting clarity and confidence, improving your motivation, and creating and implementing your plan.

Book a free introductory 50 min call and take the first step!

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Transformation with

Do you keep on responding in an unhelpful way even though you know better, intellectually, but you just can't seem to stop yourself.

If you know the feeling or behaviour that you want to change and you know what you want to do instead or how you want to feel then book an initial BWRT session and you can start the process of reprogramming your brain (you choose what you want to change and what you want your new program to be)

Remove behaviours, feelings and beliefs that are holding you back.

Book a free introductory 50 min call and find out more!

BWRT has been lifechanging for me. I used to constantly struggle inside between my authentic self and what years of abuse had done to me. I would second guess myself, hold myself back, and freeze up at times I should have been standing up for myself. After just 3 weeks of BWRT I have completely changed, I stand up for myself organically and I am more solid in my foundations. I don't second guess myself as much either. A lot of these "glitches" in my processing are gone now. I can honestly say it's saved my life.



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