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Reprogram and Free Your Mind

Using the latest thinking in neuroscience and psychological health improve your life.

Remove the hold that past experiences and traumas have on you by reprogramming your mind to respond differently

Giving you the ability to behave or feel differently

"...BWRT helped me undo trained responses to trauma and abuse..."

Image by Todor Ilchevski

For every Frustrated Goal-Seeker on a Quest for a Breakthrough...

Uncover Your Hidden Superpower: Take Our Quiz to Discover Your Strongest Fundamental Motivator

Empower Yourself and Grow

Understand yourself in a way you never have before...

Unlock hidden abilities you didn't realise you had...

Get insights into why you respond the way you do...

Understand other people more deeply...


"...she has reignited a zest for life in me and the belief I can be that person that I have always dreamt of being...."


Which Ancestral Traits Did You Inherit?

Which Ancestral Tribe Do You Belong To?



or Nomad...

Do this 2 minute quiz and find out...

"BWRT has been lifechanging for me. I used to constantly struggle inside between my authentic self and what years of abuse had done to me. I would second guess myself, hold myself back, and freeze up at times I should have been standing up for myself. After just 3 weeks of BWRT I have completely changed, I stand up for myself organically and I am more solid in my foundations. I don't second guess myself as much either. A lot of these "glitches" in my processing are gone now. I can honestly say it's saved my life."


"I have had many different types of therapy from several therapists over the years but have had ever-increasing anxiety and low self worth, which has led to destructive behaviours.  Working with Alissa has helped me to feel better about myself than I have for 20 years!  Her style is caring, insightful, patient and kind, which has allowed me to feel safe and to explore aspects of my behaviour and belief system honestly, safely and lovingly.
I am incredibly grateful for Alissa and cannot recommend her highly enough."


Use your own brain's natural instinctive, sub-conscious processes to create the responses you want

about me

I help motivated individuals who want their lives to change get clarity and focus. I guide and coach my clients on how to remain focused and to prioritise the things in life that will move them forward.

I will listen to you. I will unconditionally accept you for who you are right now...


And then I will hold you accountable to your plans and visions and encourage and inspire you to achieve them!


Let's go!


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Wokingham Therapy Clinic

Wokingham Therapy Clinic

49 Denmark Street
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Marlow Place

Marlow Place

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