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About me 

Alissa Lang

Change Practitioner and Life Coach

Areas of Expertise

  • New code and classic code NLP Practitioner qualification (studied with the co-founder of NLP, John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll)

  • Change Management Practitioner

  • Prince2 Practitioner

  • Property Investor

  • Entrepreneur

  • Mum of 2

  • Vocational qualification in complicated divorces and relationships

Currently studying

  • Warriors, Settlers, Nomads Levels 1,2 &3 with creator Terence Watts

  • BWRT (Brainworking Recursive Therapy) with creator Terence Watts

Passionate about inspiring others...

I like to keep on moving and I don't give up. 


I look for the positives and opportunities in everything. I love a challenge. I love to be inspired and to inspire others.


I am interested in life and the people I meet, I ask questions, I learn, I grow, I contribute.


I love the feeling of success and achievement from the small (such as a delicious recipe or craft) to the large (a business) to the immeasurable (helping another person) and I love to encourage, inspire and believe in others so that they can do the same.


I believe everyone has a part to play in life and that each individual is valuable and has something to contribute. I believe in contributing to something greater to lead a full and satisfying life.


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