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After just 3 weeks of BWRT I have completely changed, I stand up for myself organically and I am more solid in my foundations. I don't second guess myself as much either. A lot of these "glitches" in my processing are gone now. I can honestly say it's saved my life.



I coach motivated individuals wanting to achieve more

in their personal or business lives

About me

I am a highly motivated, charismatic, strategic and a transformational leader, start up consultant and personal coach.

  • I coach motivated 11 to 75 year olds

  • I create and run successful transformation programs for start ups and SMEs and

  • I coach high performing business teams within organisations

I work with individuals who are eager to live a fulfilling and inspired life and businesses who wants to become better at what they do and understand that individuals make their business!!!

Qualifications and experience:

Registered BWRT Level 1 Practitioner (click here for my profile)

WSN Advanced Coach  

New code and classic code NLP Practitioner qualification

Change Management Practitioner

Prince2 Practitioner

Other courses completed:​​

BWRT Level 2: Core Identity |  Emotional Entropy  |  Grief Buster  |  BWRT for Children |  Smashing Depression  |  The Therapist Gold Standard  |  Broadband for the Brain  |  Psychosexual Dysfunction  | Generalised Anxiety Disorder  |  Abolishing Anxiety  |  Diffusing Depression  |  Major Life Reset  |  OCD | BWRT for Couples

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