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About me

I coach motivated individuals wanting to achieve more in their personal lives or business lives

I am highly motivated, charismatic, strategic and a transformational leader, team member, start up consultant and coach with 20+ years’ experience in all areas of business from technical to commercial as well as coaching individuals in business and private practice. 


Who have I coached...

  • I have coached teenagers all the way to people in their 70s to honour themselves, discover/rediscover themselves and their passions and to create and live their dreams!!

  • I have successfully built, coached and led high performing teams within organisations and across different organisations. 

  • I have managed and run transformation programs and projects for finance, HR, sales, marketing, IT and operations for business of all sizes.

Basically, any individual who is eager to live a fulfilling and inspired life and any business who wants to become better at what they do and understands that individuals make their business!!!

All my experience has shown me that...


My passion lies in coaching individuals to realise and exceed their potential as it automatically impacts everything else in their lives!

"...After just 3 weeks of BWRT I have completely changed, I stand up for myself organically and I am more solid in my foundations. I don't second guess myself as much either..."
- Eliza

Qualifications and experience:

  • Registered BWRT Level 1 Practitioner

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  • WSN Advanced Coach  

  • New code and classic code NLP Practitioner qualification

  • Change Management Practitioner

Other courses completed:​​

BWRT Level 2: Core Identity |  Emotional Entropy  |  Grief Buster  |  BWRT for Children |  Smashing Depression  |  The Therapist Gold Standard  |  Broadband for the Brain  |  Psychosexual Dysfunction  | Generalised Anxiety Disorder  |  Abolishing Anxiety  |  Diffusing Depression  |  Major Life Reset  |  OCD | BWRT for Couples

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