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BWRT has been lifechanging for me. I used to constantly struggle inside between my authentic self and what years of abuse had done to me. I would second guess myself, hold myself back, and freeze up at times I should have been standing up for myself. After just 3 weeks of BWRT I have completely changed, I stand up for myself organically and I am more solid in my foundations. I don't second guess myself as much either. A lot of these "glitches" in my processing are gone now. I can honestly say it's saved my life.

What is BWRT?

Brain Working Recursive Therapy is an innovative model of psychology and psychotherapy, created by UK professional therapist, Terence Watts, MCGI, that leverages the latest thinking in neuroscience and psychological health. 


BWRT is a speedy, solution-focused therapy or technique that uses a scientific process to stop the unwanted response and recondition your brain to respond in the way you would like to respond instead.


BWRT can provide permanent help for many mind-related issues regardless how stubborn or deep-rooted that may seem to be

  • What can BWRT be used for?
    Unwanted feelings Traumatic memories Unwanted habits Unwanted behaviours Emotional pain Anxiety Phobias Unresolved grief Depression Obsessions Addictions
  • How does BWRT work?
    Have you ever been in a situation where someone shouts watch out and you realise that you ducked only after you had already ducked. Your brain learnt to do that without any conscious effort on your part, it was part of its survival training and it stored the response for similar future events. Anything that your reptilian brain thought was relevant to your survival it stored for future use, in the part of the brain that can respond the quickest. Conscious thought takes time so the reptilian brain bypasses it to increase our chances of survival. Benjamin Libet conducted some experiments on human volunteers which revealed that there is a cognitive gap between the moment that our brain responds to something and when we became consciously aware of what our brain is responding to. it is within that gap that anxiety, fear and anger starts and b the time we realise it we are already doing it. BWRT uses your own brain processes to create the responses you want instead of your current ones that are causing your issues. We do this by "freezing" your troubling thoughts or memories (this is the brain’s natural response to anything traumatic or not understood) and then we use a technique called "recursive looping" which uses your own thought processes to reroute your brain’s neural pathways to reprogram your brain to respond to any triggers in the way you world like to respond to them.
  • Will I need to relive or work through traumatic memories?
    You will only need to access your traumatic memories for a few seconds to activate the relevant parts of your brain to activate the relevant neural pathways so that they can be reprogrammed. The rest of the process is positive and enjoyable. You do not need to delve into your deepest thoughts, or examine your childhood in excruciating detail or understand why you behave or react the way you do.
  • What is the minimum that my BWRT practitioner needs to know to be able to work with me?
    BWRT is a totally confidential method of working and doesn't require you to divulge secrets or intimate details of your life to work. Your BWRT practitioner needs to know basic information about you including your medical history as there are contraindications which may require you to see a practitioner qualified in other areas of psychology and medicine.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Depends on how simple or complex the issue is. Often a single session is sufficient with most simple issues. Even with complex issues it is extremely rare for there to be a need for a high number of sessions.
  • How successful and permanent is BWRT?
    It is impossible to guarantee that BWRT will be successful every time but the success rate is very high (some practitioners claim a success rate of 95%) and the relapse rate is very low. Additionally, no therapy works for everyone
  • Does BWRT use a trance state or anything similar?
    BWRT works in a different way to hypnosis and other rapid therapies - it doesn’t use tapping, stroking, eye-movement or fixation, lights, special sounds etc and it doesn't require you to reveal secrets or intimate details of your life. It does not use hypnosis or other concepts considered by some people to be mystical and unscientific BWRT uses your brain’s own natural processes to reprogram your brain with your new preferred response, that you will create. BWRT is completely client-led working with what you remember and create.
  • Contraindications
    Mental disorders and psychosis require a BWRT practitioner that is also a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. Any registered BWRT practitioner will be able to refer you to one if they aren't qualified themselves. Being in a legal dispute as it may change your perspective and therefore affect your legal case, once your legal matter is settled then any BWRT work can be carried out. Medical conditions such as epilepsy, pregnancy, heart conditions etc.
  • What happens in a session?
    Your BWRT practitioner will take some personal details and medical history and discuss the issues that you would like to work on. She will then explain how BWRT works and answer any questions that you may have. Depending on your situation and to increase the chances of identifying what needs to be worked on your practitioner way run through an intake questionnaire with you.
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