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What is BWRT?

Brain Working Recursive Therapy is an innovative model of psychology and psychotherapy, created by UK professional therapist, Terence Watts, MCGI, that leverages the latest thinking in neuroscience and psychological health. 


BWRT is a speedy, solution-focused therapy or technique that uses a scientific process to stop the unwanted response and recondition your brain to respond in the way you would like to respond instead.


BWRT can provide permanent help for many mind-related issues regardless how stubborn or deep-rooted that may seem to be

BWRT has been lifechanging for me. I used to constantly struggle inside between my authentic self and what years of abuse had done to me. I would second guess myself, hold myself back, and freeze up at times I should have been standing up for myself. After just 3 weeks of BWRT I have completely changed, I stand up for myself organically and I am more solid in my foundations. I don't second guess myself as much either. A lot of these "glitches" in my processing are gone now. I can honestly say it's saved my life.


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